Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers are the local representatives of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Individuals selected for these positions serve in a volunteer capacity and perform their duties under the supervision of a District Wildlife Conservation Officer.

A Deputy is very different than a Wildlife Conservation Officer.  Deputies are part-time volunteers, whereas WCOs are full-time, career-oriented positions.   Serving as a volunteer Deputy does not lead to promotion into a WCO position.   WCOs are Civil Service employees who undergo an extensive testing, selection and training process.  If selected, the WCO candidate must complete a 50-week, extensive, in-house training program at the Game Commission training school.  Application for WCO positions is through the State Civil Service Commission, rather than the Pennsylvania Game Commission.   Deputies, like any other qualified applicant, may apply for WCO positions through Civil Service and may be selected, but many are not.  

See the web link, PGC Web Page For DWCO Info above for the most current info on requirements and training for Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers.

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