Deputy Waterways Conservation Officers (DWCOs),
working with Waterways Conservation Officers (WCOs),
perform mainly specialized law enforcement duties in
protecting, conserving and enhancing the Commonwealth’s
aquatic resources.

Deputies work long hours, often on weekends and
holidays. As volunteers, they receive a small stipend to help
with expenses; however, they are not otherwise compensated.
Any officer may nominate a deputy for this service-based
recognition. Regional committees in the Commission’s Bureau
of Law Enforcement and Regional Outreach and Education
Coordinators review the nominations to choose one award
recipient in each region. The six nominee award winners are
presented with a dated plaque at their annual winter region
meeting. The awards carry the distinction of the recipients
knowing that their peers selected them.
The six region nominees are reviewed for a final selection of
the Statewide Deputy of the Year award winner.

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