A magazine isn't a magazine without articles. We encourage all officers (active or retired) to submit articles for the new magazine. Articles that are actually published will result in a $50.00 payment to the author. The cover photo will also result in a $50.00 payment to the photographer.

All current employees of both the PGC and PFBC are required to submit a request for outside employment through the proper COC before payment can be authorized. The agencies are expecting these. Questions on the request for outside employment can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Following are some tips on article submission:

Provide your article as a Word document.

Send the highest quality photos you have available to go with your article. Photos taken with acamera are usually better quality than those taken with a cell phone, but we accept either since we realize that you may not always have your camera with you, but you probably always have your cell phone. A photo from a cell phone is better than no photo at all!

Put your name and title on the article example: written by WCO John Doe

Include a short biography about yourself at the end of the article, 30 words or less example: John Doe has been an officer for 12 years and has served in several areas in the state. He and his wife have 3 children and enjoy horseback riding and duck hunting.

Send your photos as separate files from the article. If your article is complex and it is important that certain photos go in specific places within the article, please insert the photos into the Word document of the article in the spot they should be, but also send the photos as separate files.

Remember your audience. This is going to be read by the general public, not just other wildlife law enforcement professionals. Is the topic something that would interest the average outdoorsperson or is it just of interest to conservation officers? Additionally, explain terminology that may not be familiar to the average outdoorsperson. example: "My FTO John Doe and
I..." does the reader know what FTO means? Probably not, so instead put "My field training officer John Doe and I..."

Consider how much you want to reveal. Do you want the public to know about all of your investigation tactics? example: Do you want people to know that you work undercover or that you regularly read trophy hunting message boards looking for violations? You don't want the bad guys to know everything about how you operate, so consider your words as you write.

Don't size or alter your photos in any way - send them as is from your camera

Don't get photos from the Internet. Photos found on Google images, etc. are copyright protected and we don't have the right to use them. Using photos we don't have the right to use can lead to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Don't hesitate to send in an article because you don't have photos to go with it. We may be able to purchase photos we have the right to use from a stock photo website to go with the article or we may be able to make the article layout work without a photo.

Don't hesitate to write an article because you feel you aren't a good writer or don't have something worthwhile to say. You have stories no one else can tell, so get the basic story written - what happened, when, where, etc. - and we can clean up the writing.

Specific questions on how to and where to submit articles can directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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