Many of you know me as a former Deputy WCO.  I am also a life member of COPA, currently a Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff.  As a sworn LEO I will be participating as a rider in the 2017 Police Unity Tour.  We will be leaving with Chapter IX from Philadelphia and traveling 260 miles on bicycle to Washington DC in May 2017.

I have always enjoyed physical fitness and in 2012 began endurance athletics (marathon, triathlon).  I have completed numerous Ironman races (140.6 mile swim/bike/run) and several marathons.  My inspiration comes from being able to do the things that many can’t.  This tour, although not a race will be my biggest challenge, more emotionally than physically.  It is something that is very important to me. 

The North American Wildlife Enforcement Officer's Association also known as NAWEOA is an 8000 member organization of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement officers from across North America. The association began at a meeting of 16 Wildlife Officers from the U.S. and Canada in Great Falls, Montana in 1980.

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